Scénář pro Continuum - spoilery!

17. března 2008 v 21:26 | SeNedra |  Stargate: SG1
Objevila jsem na gateworldu dva kusy scénáře pro Continuum, je to pár vět na začátku filmu, pokud to vážně chcete číst, otevřte celý článek.

Harriman: Chevron One encoded.
Mitchell: Sure you don't want to come along, sir? Might never be another one of these.
Landry: Tempting as it is ... I'll be doing paperwork the whole time you're gone. Besides, one general looking over your shoulders is plenty.
Daniel: Yes, speaking of Jack...
Landry: He went ahead with SG-3 to officially hand over the prisoner.
Carter: Well, I guess he knows who we're dealing with.
Teal'c: Such precautions are unnecessary. Half of the free Jaffa fleet stands guard over the Tokra homeworld to assure that the execution of Ba'al takes place as planned.
Vala: You know better than anyone, Muscles, this is an extraction not an execution
Tokra Elder: Ba'al... last of the Goa'uld System Lords... murderer of untold millions. These will be your last words. Speak.
Ba'al: I have nothing to say to the Tokra. But SG-1 and General Jack O'Neill. Well, well.
O'Neill: How's tricks, B?
Ba'al: I've been better, I'm afraid, and you?
O'Neill: Not so bad, actually. Quite good.
Ba'al: How nice for you.
O'Neill: How about those last words?
Ba'al: As you wish. Teal'c... I will always regret that you never became my First Prime. And... where is my dear Quetesh?
Daniel: Well, Vala was here.
Ba'al: Ah, interesting.
O'Neill: Oh, she's probably gone to the bathroom... for heaven's sakes. I'm next in line, by the way. Can we get on with this?

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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